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The early morning rays of the sun rising behind Mt. Rainier show only a glimpse of the day ahead. In the same way, creativity begins with the basics. As the process matures, countless possibilities can be whittled down to an essential design.

Growing up in Fircrest, Washington, influenced my career. At an early age I remember my mom took oil painting classes and was always creating. If not painting, you could find her making Christmas trees out of old Reader's Digest magazines or tole painting discarded antiques, while my older brother sketched elaborate drawings and dabbled in film animation.

My dad was a artist in his own rite, although he wouldn't admit it. As a civil engineer, he had no problem coming up with well-planned construction projects at home, always well executed and embraced by the family.

But I think family vacations infuenced me the most by exposing me to new ideas and places. I have plenty of photos and journals of adventurues made by my dad and grandparents. I've always enjoyed these documented treasures and have joined that nostalgia in my designs. My art is an extension of the desire to document and to share memories.

At seventeen I became a Christian and took up distance running. Not that the two are related, but it was a time in my life when things really gelled for me. It enabled me to focus on goals and develop friendships that have lasted to this day. Design has become an important ingredient to that mix.

I enrolled at Washington State University after graduating from high school. It seemed the logical thing to do--going to a four-year state college. While at WSU my roommate's brother attended Seattle Central Community College's 2-year graphic design program in which I, too, decided to attend. However, there was a waiting list to get into the program. I was fortunate enough to get in the following year after a semester at Tacoma Community College.

SCCC was the beginning of my professional career as a designer. It enabled me to create a portfolio that landed me a job at a local sign company, Heath Northwest, in Kirkland, Washington. I drove 44 miles each way to work for two and a half years before leaving for greener pastures.

Between jobs I traveled around Europe for a quarter of a year--surprised by my parents' support of such a random decision. It was one of my best life decisions and the start of many years of international travels. There is something tandem between travel and design. They seem to go hand in hand for me. It might sound a bit trite, but it's like the whole world is a canvas and I love connecting the dots.

Six months after returning from Europe I landed a job at Frank Russell Company (now Russell Investments). I owe my career development to that place. For over 23 years I built my creative talents across a variety of media, from web design to traditional print as well as photography. In addition, I inherited great business and marketing expertise and am quick to pick up on aligning creative needs with business strategy.

In the spring of 2009 Russell went through a reorganization that didn't include me. Honestly, it was a greatly needed change for me, providing me an open slate to work. My years at Russell had honed marketable skills that allow me currently to work as a freelance designer—coming along side clients in need of enhancing their existing marketing presence or building a new identity.

Outside of work, I enjoy time with my camera and I love distance running. I currently coach Track and X-Country at a local high school. For a lack of a place to log my marathon info, I've listed it below for those interested in my shameless plug:

Marathon statistics

Portland Marathon 1994

Finish TimePacePlace OverallDivision

Portland Marathon 1995

Finish TimePacePlace OverallDivision

Yakima River Canyon Marathon 2005

Finish TimePacePlace OverallDivision

Tacoma Marathon 2007

Finish TimePacePlace OverallDivision

Boston Marathon 2008

Finish TimePacePlace OverallDivisionGender

Capital City Marathon 2008

Finish TimePacePlace OverallDivisionGender

Royal Victoria Marathon 2008

Finish TimePacePlace OverallDivision

Capital City Marathon 2009

Finish TimePacePlace OverallDivisionGender

Marine Corps Marathon 2009

Finish TimePacePlace OverallDivisionGender


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