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Jerome Petteys Design is a graphic and online design company based in Tacoma, Washington serving satisfied clients internationally.

I enjoy helping businesses and organizations develop a professional identity that conveys the essence of what they are all about. My goal with each design project is to provide the client with professional, impactful visual communication tools at reasonable rates.

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you'd like a free estimate. We look forward to discussing your project!


Dan Inveen,
Principal and Director of Research, FA Insight

"I first worked with Jerry as a co-worker for several years and more recently I have been his client. He is an experienced graphic designer who can truly do it all. He can apply his ample creative talents across a variety of media, from web design to traditional print as well as photography. In addition, he has great business and marketing sense and is quick to pick up on aligning your creative needs with the strategy of your business.

Jerry is accountable, personable and a real pleasure to work with. He's been instrumental in laying a great design foundation for our firm and I have absolutely no reservations in recommending him highly to others."

Joan D. Sobba,,
Retired Executive, Russell Investments

"I had the opportunity to work with Jerry Petteys many times during the years we were both at Russell Investments.

While Jerry was an excellent stand-alone designer, he also proved to be adept as a project manager and team leader. He has the creative ability to visually make complex things simple and also to enhance the simple to make it more desirable. Both are unique skills."

Janet Vitcovich,,
Owner, A Blessing to Serve

"Jerry is so easy to work with. He listened to my ideas and then created a fabulous logo for my new business. Jerry set up a beautiful page for me on FaceBook. He is so patient and willing to go the extra mile to get it right for his customers. Thank you, Jerry!"

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Client List

A Blessing To Serve
Adaptive Energy
Affordable Dental Care
American Reporting Company
Chapel Hill Presbyterian
Delphis Marketing Solutions
Dayspring Church
Evergreen Asset Management
FA Insight
The Freeze
Lake Union Financial
Northstar Wealth Management
Phillips Communications
PMC Associates
Quota International
Redeeming Nutrition
Russell Investments
Sea Run Advisory Group
Siegle Financial
Steamboat Navigator
The Threshold Group
Ueland Foundation
Ueland Tree Farm
Wealth Investment Partners

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